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Sheet Pan Chicken & Farro Bowls

Sheet Pan Chicken & Farro Bowls

Serves 6
Prep Time
20 minutes
Cook Time
20 minutes
Looking to try something new for dinner? This recipe for Sheet Pan Chicken & Farro Bowls will quickly become one of your new favorites. Made with butternut squash, Brussels sprouts and red onions, it's a colorful and nutritious dish you'll love.




  1. Farro Facts: Farro is an ancient Italian wheat with a nutty flavor and subtle chewiness when cooked. Traditional farro takes nearly 45 min. to thoroughly cook. Quick-cooking farro, which has been par-cooked and dried, has a short 10 min. cook time.

  2. If quick-cooking farro is difficult to find, substitute traditional farro and soak in water overnight. Drain well and continue as directed.

  3. This recipe demonstrates the concept of a “sheet pan dinner”. Cutting the vegetables into similarly sized pieces allows all the ingredients to cook evenly at the same time, making prep and clean-up a snap! Feel free to substitute other vegetables, depending on seasonal availability.

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