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Balsamic-Glazed BBQ Ribs

Balsamic Glazed BBQ Ribs

Serves 6
Nothing transforms a meal into a party like baby back ribs. Our Balsamic BBQ Sauce is made with Dijon mustard, premium marinara with burgundy wine sauce, molasses, cumin and balsamic vinegar for a sweet and tangy flavor that will make your mouth water.


Balsamic BBQ Sauce



Balsamic BBQ Sauce



  1. *The thin membrane on the back of a rack of ribs becomes tough during cooking. To remove it, use a dull knife to lift and loosen the corner of the membrane, then use a paper towel to get a firm grip and pull down along the entire length of the rack.

  2. Using a slow cooker ensures tender, fall-off-the-bone ribs and also eliminates the need to turn on your oven during the hot summer months.

  3. You can cook the ribs in the slow cooker up to 1 day ahead. Cool to room temperature in the cooking liquid. Discard cooking liquid and refrigerate individual racks tightly wrapped in heavy duty foil. Reheat ribs by placing foil packets on preheated grill on indirect heat 10 min. Remove from foil and continue grilling as directed.

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