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Bertolli Products  

Many people are starting to discover the rich and varied taste of olive oil, and are becoming aware of the wide range of flavors of olive oils made from different varieties of olives grown in different climates and harvested at different stages of ripeness.

Like wine, olive oil has different tastes and uses. Bertolli has developed various flavors for people who appreciate the fine taste of olive oil.

To meet the demands of different consumers worldwide the Bertolli range differs in variety and sizes available.

In Canada you can find:

1)Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2)Extra Virgin Gentile al Palato Olive Oil

3)Bertolli Rocca dell'Uliveto Extra Virgin Olive Oil  

4)Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

5)Bertolli Pure Classico Olive Oil

6)Bertolli Extra Light Tasting Olive Oil

7)Bertolli Olive Oil Sprays

rich and fruity

gentle and mild

optimum taste

delicate and fruity

full bodied and mild

delicate and mild

Other products:

8)Original Olive Oil Dressing

9)Zesty Olive Oil Dressing

10)Bertolli Fine Wine Vinegars

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Rich and fruity

Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil stands out for its flavor, color and aroma. It comes from the first cold pressing of the olive and is filtered before bottling to remove the natural sediments. Its fruity full-bodied flavor is perfect for salads, vegetarian dishes and soups. It is ideal for sauces and marinated dishes, meats, fish and poultry. Use it where a strong , full-bodied olive taste will be appreciated.
Available in various sizes.


Gentle and mild
Bertolli Extra Virgin Gentile al Palato Olive Oil

It's an extra virgin that has a smoother, more mellow taste. This beautiful new addition to the Bertolli range is for those appreciate the true flavor of olive oil with a gentler finish. Its smooth and subtle flavor enhances all those foods which marry well with olive oil - salad, pasta, vegetables - and provides an alternative for those who enjoy the healthy, flavoursome virtues of olive oil, without it being the dominant ingredient.
Available in various sizes.


Bertolli Rocca dell'Uliveto Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Optimum taste

Rocca dell' Uliveto is a unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil to be enjoyed by those who appreciate purity and quality of flavor. It possesses the rare delicacy of taste and aroma that comes from crushing only fruit harvested at optimum maturity. Rocca dell'Uliveto is produced using traditional filtration methods and bottled using advanced UV resistant glass, to ensure the product's flavor and aroma are perfectly preserved.
Container size available: 0.75 L

Delicate and fruity
Bertolli Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This oil is made from carefully nurtured olives using organic farming methods which have been certified by the EC. This naturally enhanced Extra Virgin Olive has had its pure flavor and aroma further reserved by traditional filtering methods and bottling in UV resistant glass.
Container size available: 0.25 L


Bertolli Pure Classico Olive Oil
Full bodied and mild

A traditional olive oil with a "classic" pure taste that is mild and full-bodied. Classico olive oil is an all-purpose cooking and flavor enhanced; use Classico for everything, from salad dressing to pasta sauces.
Available in various sizes.

Delicate and mild
Bertolli Extra Light Tasting Olive Oil

This olive oil has just a subtle hint of olive flavor. Use it in place of plain vegetable oil in all types of cooking, including baking. Extra Light Tasting is an excellent choice for high heat sautéing and stir-frying because it has a higher smoke point than our other olive oil varieties.
Available in various sizes.


Bertolli Olive Oil Sprays
Full bodied and mild

Spray on the premium taste of olive oil. More than a non stick pan coating... Bertolli adds flavour.
Usage: marinate meat, fish, chicken.
Enhance the flavour of green salads. Add taste and visual appeal to pasta dishes.

Original Olive Oil Dressing

Original olive oil dressing ready to use made with extra virgin olive oil and spices to give a mild italian flavor to all salads.


Zesty Olive Oil Dressing

Zesty Olive Oil dressing ready to use not only on salads, bud also as a marinate for meats, fish, poultry and grilled vegetables.

Bertolli Fine Wine Vinegars

The essential salad ingredient for even the most inexperienced cook, Bertolli high qualità wine vinegars can be used in a wide range of dishes to add a distintive yet subtle flavor.
Container size available: 500 g


Did you know?
Bertolli is today the biggest olive oil brand in the world, selling its famous bottles in over forty countries. Bertolli was one of the first olive oil brands that started, at the beginning of the 50's, bottling olive oil in glass sustaining it with the claim "buy what you can see". Previously the most used pack were blind tins.